Mark & Mindy Day in the Life – Part 2

“What is it? What’s wrong?” My knees feel a little weak, and I sit down. My husband has just told me he has bad news. I have no idea what he is going to tell me. Has he lost his job? Is he cheating on me? Has he lost all we own to a secret gambling addiction? Does his car need a new radiator?

“My dad had a stroke,” he says suddenly. “With his age and medical history, they don’t expect him to fully recover, but the doctors are hopefully optimistic.

“Oh, honey!” I exclaim. I think about Mark’s dad, Allen, puffing away on his cigars on the front porch when we’d go to visit. They live two hours away, so we don’t get over there often.

“I need to go there this weekend. Help them get things sorted. Mom is beside herself.”

“Of course,” I say.

Then we are both quiet. I think about my own parents, self-described health nuts living in a sort of old people’s commune (not the right word, but you get the idea) in California. They are the healthiest people I know, but even they wouldn’t last forever. I guess we were getting to that age, weren’t we? The age when you turn from taking care of your kids to taking care of your parents. Or get sandwiched in between. Our son Sam has a wife and baby of his own, so that was off our plate at least. If Mark needed to take care of his parents, we could make it work.

I look up at him and open my mouth to tell him we’ll figure it out, that we’ll do whatever we have to for his parents, and I see that he is staring at the grill again, spatula in hand. His face doesn’t look sad. Doesn’t even look angry. It looks . . . Empty. Old.

I put down my wine glass and go over to him. Without saying a word, I put my arms around him and just hold him. He doesn’t hug me back, but that’s okay. Today I will be his rock. And tomorrow, if he needs it, I will be his rock again. For as long as it takes. Because that’s marriage, isn’t it?

“Come on, honey, let’s go inside and eat,” I say finally. Mark reluctantly lets me take his hand and lead him inside. I tell Alexa to quit the salsa music. It’s not the correct music for the occasion. I think about asking her to play smooth jazz or acoustic or adult alternative, but nothing seems to fit. What music do you play to snap your husband out of a depression? What music do you play to bring the person you love back from the brink?

I settle on 70’s rock, not that it makes a difference. We eat in silence, serenaded by the Steve Miller Band. Keep on rockin’ me, baby.

If only.

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Individual Dosing Makes for Happy Individuals…Naturally!

We all know a lot of situations when one size doesn’t fit all: shoes, clothing, the dating scene, and coffee of course! (Either you take it black, or you don’t….2 pinks and a blue, 1 sugar, not 2…you get the idea.)

Hormone replacement is the same way. One size….does not fit all! And SottoPelle® patients are living proof that individualized dosing leads to happier more satisfied patients!

Here is something to ponder: should a 47-year-old, 5 foot 4 inch, female spin instructor take the same dose of hormones as a 47-year-old 5 foot 4 inch female attorney who works in a courtroom all day?

Short answer: No.

Slightly longer answer: You simply can’t assume that because these two women are the same age and height that their hormone levels (or hormonal deficiencies) are the same. One of the main differences with our proprietary SottoPelle® method for HRT is that we take into account many factors when determining an individualized dosing plan to best treat a patient’s individual needs.

That’s because, at SottoPelle®, we understand that people’s bodies work differently. Additionally, we all live, work, play, sleep and enjoy life differently— thus our providers customize dosing based on actual science and over 20 years of proprietary data which shows: People need individualized dosing to get optimal results.

The Science of BHRT — Simplified with SottoPelle®

For both men and women, the way we produce hormones is a complex biological process affecting just about every system in our body, from reproduction to metabolism, brain function to mood. Drops in hormone levels can really change the way we feel and impact our health. The drop in estrogen that comes from menopause may raise a woman’s risk for heart problems and could lower her bone density, putting her at risk for osteopenia and osteoporosis. Low testosterone in men or women can lead to sexual dysfunction, mood issues and lack of concentration, as well as other potentially serious issues.

In fact, there are lists and lists of symptoms that can be linked to hormone imbalance. And since everyone’s body chemistry and symptoms are different, a boilerplate approach to HRT just doesn’t cut it. You deserve better.

Traditional or synthetic hormone replacement in the form of creams, patches, and pills is in many ways, an attempt to put people in a box, with prescriptions written based on predetermined dosages. That can be a huge limitation when it comes to the way you feel while on HRT, as well as your health and overall well being.

At SottoPelle®, bio identical hormone replacement therapy using subcutaneous hormone pellets is different. It’s a scientifically based methodology, using pellet therapy. Each patient’s hormone levels are first thoroughly tested so we can see exactly what your hormone levels are and what your body is lacking, that’s the only way we can know how to best go about treating your deficiencies.

Each patient’s dosing is specifically designed around each patient’s needs and lifestyle. It is truly customized to your individual needs.

That’s like getting the “low fat double tall mocha latte” you ordered, instead of someone else’s, cup of black coffee!

Wondering how pellets work? Here’s the scoop.

After hormone levels are tested and reviewed by one of our trained providers an individualized dosing plan is created, and tiny pellets are implanted, painlessly under the skin. Over the course of several months and based on your bodies needs, these pellets slowly dissolve, delivering hormones in the most physiological way possible, in an effort to mimic the way our bodies once did. This delivery method offers the added benefit of keeping hormone levels stable, avoiding the yo-yo effect that can occur with pills, patches or creams.

The Upside of Aging

CarolAnn Tutera and SottoPelle®’s Advance

CarolAnn Tutera is the face, owner, and CEO of SottoPelle® an international medical company with numerous affiliated physicians/ medical practices across the globe. Under CarolAnn’s guidance, SottoPelle® is assisting thousands of patients every day with hormonal imbalance issues that impact their lives.

The SottoPelle® success story isn’t going unnoticed. Carolann was recently named an Arizona Business Leader in 2017 for unwavering leadership and vision as the driving force of SottoPelle®’s evolution. SottoPelle® is also #1 ranked hormone therapy clinic in 2016 & 2017 by Ranking Arizona.

No one wants to get, look or feel older, and all of us question – how do we find the upside of aging? SottoPelle® was founded to respond to the innate desire to counter the impact of aging due to hormonal imbalance. “Health and aging don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Our mission is providing a medically based, safe, and effective Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy (BHRT) for improved and sustainable quality of life. “says CarolAnn.

“Although our protocol is technology driven we never lose sight of our patients and their very personal needs. We are proud that we have earned a powerful and positive reputation for a natural approach to the patient’s overall health and needs. We don’t treat a symptom, we treat people. Many people think that BHRT is just for menopause but there are many other valuable applications for the therapy,” stated CarolAnn. “What sets us apart from imitators is our concierge atmosphere and approach that reaffirms to patients that they come first. When quality of care is valued and maintained it attracts attention and accolades from notable celebrities, athletes, and anyone seeking a true medical partner in health management.”

CarolAnn noted, “SottoPelle® has become synonymous with dedication and quality. It is a transforming experience to see how we are helping people every day resume their normal life activities without debilitating symptoms or concerns they suffered with for years. For those impacted by menopause, andropause, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), or any other hormonal imbalance SottoPelle has proven to be a game changer in their quality of life.”

2018 is bringing exciting growth and expansion of our technology and services for both patients and physicians. We
are excited to be on the forefront of our newest clinical assistive technology and infrastructure that is changing the integrated approach with which doctors treat SottoPelle® patients.

Patients trust SottoPelle® for BHRT, and they are working hard to maintain that respected position. As a founder and leader in BHRT, they remain determined to allocating countless resources to growing and supporting our best assets – our phy- sicians and patients.

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at 480.874.1515 or
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Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

This article was originally published in So Scottsdale! Magazine.

Mark & Mindy Day in the Life – Part 1

No matter how old we get, we still appreciate a good-looking man when we see one. Am I right, ladies?

I met Mark on the dance floor. He was 20 years old and we both were taking salsa lessons (of all things) he was earning his engineering degree and I was still in nursing school. I remember how he looked in those tight pants (long before skinny jeans were in style), his hips twisting back and forth like a washing machine agitator. That first night he spun me around the dance floor, his hand hot on my back, my hip, the palm of my hand, I knew he was the one. I just knew it.

Fast forward 28 years. That hot salsa dancer of mine stands in front of the grill on our beautifully-landscaped patio (he’s good at that, too), flipping burgers around with a spatula. His pants are tight, but for a different reason. There’s a little too much in front and not enough in the back. His hair is thinning on top. But I still love him.

“How is dinner coming along?” I ask him. His beautiful smile hasn’t changed, nor his big brown eyes. But his smile isn’t as quick anymore. And it doesn’t stay as long.

“It’s coming,” he answers.

Then it’s back to pushing burgers around on the grill. He’s taking no joy in it. Even the burgers themselves look miserable.

“I’m going to put some music on,” I say. I shout to our Echo dot on the porch: “Alexa, play salsa.” She starts to play an oldie but goodie. I sidle up behind my husband and move my hips suggestively. “Do you remember this one?” I ask, holding my wine glass high as I make the moves.

He grunts. Grunts! And that’s all I get out of him.

I dance a little by myself. After all, I’ve been feeling pretty good (considering) since I started my bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. It’s been two months and my energy is up, my focus is better, and my libido is . . . well, let’s just say it’s been healthy, unlike my husband’s.

“Come on, papi, dance with me,” I encourage him.

“Not now, Mindy. Cant you see I’m cooking.”

Now it’s my turn to grunt. More of a harrumph! It’s not fair. I’m finally feeling good again, vibrant, healthy, and I’m stuck with an old grouch.

“Maybe I’ll go find myself somebody else to dance with,” I say.

“I’m cooking your dinner for crying out loud! Can you just let me cook?”

My comment was supposed to spark a little healthy jealousy, not set him off like that. I stop dancing and stand there just looking at him. Something is wrong. This is not my carefree, fun, happy husband. He has changed. He has been changing. I’ve noticed it bit by bit.

He is glaring at a grill full of hockey puck burgers. I see they are getting “a little” overdone, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He attacks them with the spatula over and over again. I pick up the plate and hold it out to him. That seems to snap him out of his alternate reality, and throws me an apologetic look, then slides the burgers one by one onto the plate in my hands.

“Mi amor, what’s the matter?” I ask him.

The burgers are all on the plate now, but he’s still staring at the grill.

“Mark, you are scaring me,” I say.

His eyes flick upward and catch mine. He hesitates, and then he says the terrible words: “Mindy, I have something to tell you, and it’s bad.”

**You can read all future parts of this story on our blog.

The Truth About BHRT…It’s Amazing What Those Pellets Do

Have you heard about bio identical hormone replacement with pellet therapy? Maybe you’ve heard things, but you’re not sure what to believe. Here are the basics about BHRT…

Bio identical hormone replacement is an effective treatment for many symptoms associated with menopause and andropause (male menopause).

When hormone levels in our blood drop, many unpleasant side effects can occur, such as hot flashes, night sweats, loss of libido, depression, anxiety, loss of muscle mass and more. It can also affect the health of our cardiovascular system, bones, and skin. Bringing hormone levels up via BHRT can make you feel better and stay healthier as you age.

Just ask SottoPelle® patients, and they will tell you…Pellet therapy is the best delivery method for hormone replacement.

Some doctors prescribe synthetic hormones via pills, creams or patches. Not only are these hormones biologically different from the ones our body naturally produces, their delivery method can cause hormone levels to fluctuate greatly, creating the yo-yo effect, commonly referred to as the “hormone roller coaster”. With bio identical HRT using pellet therapy, the hormones that are used are biologically identical to the ones the human body produces, so they are metabolized in the same fashion. The body absorbs hormone pellets slowly over a period of months, delivering a consistent, physiologic dose of hormone. No yo-yos or roller coasters to be found.

Bio identical hormone replacement is safe.

For many women who experience moderate to severe symptoms of menopause, doctors and healthcare professionals agree that hormone replacement therapy using bio identical hormones is a safe and effective way to address many of these symptoms (including hot flashes, trouble sleeping, irritability, low libido, lack of energy and brain fog…just to name a few).

Considering HRT…You’ve come to the right place!

We all want to live our best lives possible, and maintaining our overall health as we age often depends on many different factors including our lifestyle, activity level and genetics. What many don’t know is that declining hormone levels can also have an impact on overall health, thus having an understanding of what your levels are is paramount. At SottoPelle®, we recognize an important fact that others often miss— one size truly does not fit all. Our patients have specific lab work performed allowing our providers to identify hormone imbalances that are present. Based on these lab results, our providers are then able to prescribe individualized dosing to address the specific needs of each patient.

Sound interesting? Want to learn more about BHRT? Make an appointment at SottoPelle® today.

Why SottoPelle® Is the Top Choice for BHRT in Arizona

At SottoPelle®, our expert practitioners start with proper testing and analysis of your hormone status in addition to reviewing your medical history. If you are a good fit for our proprietary method, we can begin therapy whenever you are ready. We use low dose bioidentical hormone pellet implants to help achieve the hormonal balance so important to overall health and well-being. This safe and effective method, when properly administered, is the only BHRT proven to achieve around-the-clock physiologic hormone levels for months at a time.

Our patients frequently praise the enhanced quality of life they’re experiencing with SottoPelle® BHRT. Weight loss, improved libido and sex drive, better sleep, and greater mental acuity are just a few of the benefits patients report to us.

In fact, we are honored to say that, according to Ranking Arizona, an annual consumer publication by AZ Big Media, our patients have voted us Arizona’s #1 as the top Hormone Therapy Clinic, two years in a row, in 2015 & 2016.

Check us out at or give us a call at 480.874.1515 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you as we have so many others.