Dr. R. Stuart Fowler has evaluated nearly 50,000 women during his career as a gynecologist specializing in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy at Mayo Clinic. He was one of the first to introduce bio-identical estrogen for women in the Valley of the Sun. Up until that time, nearly every physician prescribed conjugated estrogen extracted from the urine of pregnancy mare horses. Over most of his 26 years of affiliation with Mayo Clinic, Dr. Fowler and Dr. Gino Tutera shared many mutual patients. The excellent efficacy of subcutaneous pellet therapy especially with regards to the use of testosterone became very evident compared to the other routes of delivery. Dr. Fowler was asked to join SottoPelle® after his retirement from the Mayo Clinic in the spring of 2013; his acceptance of the position speaks of his testimony as to the value and quality of the SottoPelle® approach and the organization.

Dr. Fowler is from Salt Lake City, Utah and resides in Scottsdale with his wife of 32 years. Their five children reside in four states and practice in fields of rocket science, nursing, medicine, equity research, and surfing. Dr. Fowler is a board certified gynecologist who received his specialty training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and subsequently was a staff gynecologist at Mayo Clinic Arizona specializing in the use of bio-identical hormones for replacement therapy and vulvovaginal conditions. He has presented numerous lectures on Hormone Replacement Therapy, Testosterone Supplementation for Women and the Use of Progestins, Side Effects and Alternatives to local, national and international audiences. He developed and holds the US Patent for the EndoCurette used in office sampling of the uterine lining. He is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) and a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease (ISSVD). He has been nominated to the America’s Top Gynecologists (CRCA) and the Best Doctors of America (BDP&RD).

Major National/International Presentations
Idiopathic Vulvodynia: Response to
Hypocontactant Vulvar Therapy
International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal
Disease, World Congress XIV, Baveno, Italy 1997

Abdominal Wall Myalgia: A Commonly
Overlooked Diagnosis
Mayo Alumni Medical Meeting, Acapulco, Mexico 1999

Video Tour of Vaginitis
International Mayo Clinic Meeting, Tortula, British
Virgin Islands 2002

Efficacy of a Lactoferrin for Yeast Vaginitis
International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal
Disease, World Congress XVII, Salvador, Brazil 2003

Expansion of Altered Vaginal Flora States in
Vaginitis to Include a Spectrum of Micro-flora
International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal
Disease, World Congress XVIII, Queenstown, New
Zealand 2006

Correlation Between Vulvodynia and the
Presence of Altered Vaginal Micro-flora
International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal
Disease, World Congress XX, Edinburgh, Scotland,
Royal College of Physicians 2009

Getting the Drive Back in Sex Drive
American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists
District Meeting, Maui, HI 2010

Quantification of Normal Vaginal Constituents
by New Wet Prep Technique
International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal
Disease, World Congress XXI, Paris, France 2011


University of Utah, Undergraduate
1976 – 1978

University of Utah, BA Pre-Med
Cum Laude 1980 – 1982

University of Utah School of Medicine
MD/Honors 1982 -1986

Mayo Clinic Residency, Rochester, MN
Ob/Gyn 1986 – 1990

Board Certification: ABOG Diplomat
1992 – Present

Professional Memberships

• American College of Obstetricians and
Gynecologists (ACOG) Fellow, Member since January
1992 to Present

• International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal
Disease (ISSVD) Fellow, Member since January 1997
to Present Maricopa Medical Society

Practice Approach

SottoPelle® Therapy is based on achieving physiologic hormonal balance – something research has shown is absolutely vital to good health and well-being. Of all the hormone replacement modalities, only pellet therapy can provide this balance 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Even so, many pellet therapies fail to accomplish this. SottoPelle®, on the other hand, offers consistent, effective results based on the many years of application that went into its development. Several important aspects make up its distinctive difference:
– At SottoPelle® we are specialists in bio-identical pellet therapy.
– SottoPelle® uses one of the nation’s top compounding pharmacies to ensure the superior quality, purity and meticulous preparation of our hormone pellets.
– SottoPelle® diagnostic methodology is equally precise. It starts with proper testing and accurate analysis of the results, which means that the right dose of hormone can be prescribed for each patient’s unique body chemistry. This individualized dosage is key to success.
– SottoPelle® employs a unique insertion technique – another critical component to attaining optimum results.
– SottoPelle® utilizes a proprietary copyrighted dosage and management system

Member Since
June 2013

Leon Waters Award in Chemistry – U of U 1982 • OB/GYN Honors Program – U of U School of Medicine 1986 • Four Peaks District Hall of Fame – Boy Scouts of America 1995 • Patent # 5807282. Issued 09/15/1998 Endometrial Tissue Curette and Method Licensed to U